Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mainland Scenery IV

Located in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Hunan Province, covering a land area of over 1,700 square kilometers and having a total population of about 370,000, Fenghuang County is a minority habitation area with most people from Miao and Tujia nationalities. The Ancient Fenghuang Town was first established in 1704 (the forty-third year of Emperor Kangxi in Qing Dynasty) with the name of Zhengancheng, which was changed as Fenghuangting. In the time of the Republic of China, it was changed as Fenghuang County, which has been used till now.

On December 17, 2001, the Ancient Fenghuang Town was recognized by the State Council as one of the historic cities of China and, in 2008, it was classified as a 4ANational Scenic Area.
The beauty of Fenghuang exists in its natural landscape, among the outstanding people and the genuine kindness and modesty of its people.

When rambling around in the ancient town, we find the ancient street paved with bluestones is the central axis of the entire town and connects to numerous lanes, along which, there are silent ancient houses. Each of such houses carries a detail of the story about the ancient town.

Following the sound of water and going across the alleys, we see the Tuo River flowing slowly in front of us. It’s the mother river of the Ancient Fenghuang Town and has been feeding generations of people in this ancient town. Along the river, we can see local residents here or there, waving the mallets in their hands, patting on the clothes they are washing; the stone platform under the single-plank bridge leading to Beimen Wharf is often overcrowded. Plastic tubs, plastic buckets, bamboo baskets of all sizes and all kinds of clothes decorate the water surface with different colors. The sound of cleaning movement falls here and then rises there, even attracting tourists around. Not far away from the single-plank bridge, there are a series of hop rocks, which provide another passage to go across the river. A series of square seat stones are listed in two lines, one higher and the other shorter, with river water flowing through the spaces between the stones, so that this passage will never be punched down by the flood like the single-plank bridge. Stepping on the hop rocks and going across the river, we reach the other side of the river, the ancient Beimen Town which was first established in Ming Dynasty. The walls of the town were built with local red sands stones and the gate tower was built with black bricks. The entire building was delicately constructed, with the functions of military defence as well as flood protection, making it a solid protective barrier of the Ancient Fenghuang Town.

When walking around on the ancient paved Street with a ticket for the scenic spot in our hands, we can visit the former residence of the famous writer Shen Congwen, the former residence of Xiong XiIing, the ancestral hail of Yang’s clan, which is a delicately constructed wood-structure quadrangle courtyard (Siheyuan) with strong folk features, the Ancient Town Museum and the Wanshou Palace. We can also enjoy the scenery of the whole Fenghuang County in the Hongqiao Art Tower. If you are still not satisfied with all these, you can also find the underground palace of art, Qiliang Cave, the ancient Huangsiqiao Town established in Tang Dynasty and the southern great wall constructed in Ming Dynasty, etc. around the ancient town. The pearl of Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, which is known as one of the most beautiful towns of China, is awaiting here for tourist from all places.
Author: Lou Kam leng
Translation: C&C — Translation Center, Ltd.

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