Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A New Era of Smoke-free Macao

With an intention to protect the health of the Macao citizens and tie in with trend of global health, the “Regime of Tobacco Prevention and Control” of the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region is being enforced on 1 January 2012 and smoking is prohibited in most indoor and outdoor public places.
The Macao SAR Government has determined to develop Macao as a healthy and refreshing metropolis, benefiting every citizen and tourist.
To welcome the arrival of the Region’s significant day. Macao Post has released an issue with the theme “A New Era of Smoke-free Macao”, conveying the no smoking message to every corner of the world.
Under a bright blue sky, with alluring coastline panorama landscape of Macao, the principal concept of the first stamp highlights the crystal-clear wording of 2012.
of which the number “0” is substituted by a familiar no smoking sign: featuring the theme of “A New Era of Smoke-free Macao”, the design not only brings out the message “the new Regime of Tobacco Prevention and Control is being enforced in 2012”, but also implies that Macao is entering the historical moment of era without tobacco.
Set against an aerial view of Macao, which is an incomparable scenery with water and sky blended in one colour, the second stamp is harmonized with a theme “A New Era of Smoke-free Macao”; with a prominent no smoking sign as foreground, the design signifies the anti-tobacco action in the territory will transform Macao into a more fascinating, energetic and competitive city.

Health Bureau of the Macao Special Administrative Region Government

The Stamps:

The FDC with Stamps:

The Post Mark:

Dados Técnicos/Technical Data
Valor dos Selos/Stamps Value: set of two stamps of 1.50 and 5.00 Patacas
Folhas com 50 selos de cada valor/Sheets of 50 stamps of each value
Valor do Bloco/Souvenir Sheet Value:
Desenho/Design: Health Bureau
Data emissão/Issue date: 31.01.2012
Impressor/Printer: Österreichische Staatsdruckerei, Austria
Impressão/Print: Offset Lithography with Embossing and Varnish
Papel/Paper: Paper with Security Fibers
Picotagem/Perforation: 14 x 14

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