Saturday, September 22, 2012

20 Years of Safeguarding honesty and Transparency

The year of 1992 witnessed the entry into force of Macao’s first anti-corruption law and its establishment of an agency dedicated w graft fighting, kicking off the start of systematic integrity building in the city.

On 20th December 1999, the Macao Special Administrative Region was founded.

According (o Article 59 of the Basic Law, the Macao SAR government established on the same day the present Commission Against Corruption (CCAC), which marked a new milestone in integrity building of Macao.

As a graft fighter-cum-ombudsman. the CCAC has been pursuing the policy aiming at both suppression and prevention all along. Driven by the objectives of ‘supervision on integrity’, ‘supervision on law-enforcement” and ‘supervision on effectiveness”, the graft buster insists on carrying out its functions in an independent and objective way.

In compliance with the United Nations Convention against Corruption effective in Macao since 12th February 2006, the Legislative Assembly of Macao passed the law Prevention and Suppression of Bribery in the Private Sector, which entered into force on 1 March 2010. Ever since then, the CCAC’s jurisdiction has expanded and covered both public and private sectors. This is yet another breakthrough of development of integrity building in the territory.

On the path of integrity building, the CCAC pledges to join hands with different strata of society to enhance its development and safeguard social fairness and justice without prejudice or fear.

Commission Against Corruption

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