Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Macao Seen by Lok Cheong

Lok Cheong (1923-2006), the former president of the Macau Artist Society, who staled his career as a self-taught painter in theater. He was proficient in western painting, and then became expert in traditional Chinese painting later.

As a native in Macao, the works of Lok Clwong was fully brimming with local flavor. In his eyes, Macao is serenity and vital. His painting surpasses the conventional thinking, always blends in the local folk custom. In the early years, his artworks were usually selected in the art exhibitions in Guangdong Province.
Especially, “Gravel road”, an aquarelle with strong feature of Macao, had earned him a special award of the 6 national art exhibitions in 1985.

When National Day during 1960’s and 1970’s, the decorated archway standing erect around Macao, became colorful and shining, and show off the strength of national construction and culture. Especially the Largo do Senado and the Tiananmen Rostrum with grand style and glorious design, has become the gathering place for tourist. In those days, the decorated archway had become the characteristic of Macao, and was the indelible collective memory of such generation in Macao.

Lok Cheong as the coordinator of the design of the decorated archway for the National Day of China in Macao, leaded a production team and friends to develop for several years with innovation and unique style, finally got a great achievement. It happened one year, the decorated archway collapsed on the eve of National Day due to typhoon. Lok Cheong and his team spared no effort to make it rebuild again over one night, and renewed vitality, which was a much-told story at that time. Today many local painting leaders were steeped in the decorated archway.

A well-known saying by Zeng Gongliang, in Song dynasty, was that: “To enjoy the surprising scenery of the billows like giant silver mounts, you should push your windows open and take a broad view of the great river. (It means that to evolve into great achievements, one should take the initiative attitude to step out into the world, to make progress, to find good things in the world and learn from others.) Lok Cheong regards it as a model. As Macao is just a tiny place, the development of art of painting should be connected with outside. Lok Cheong and colleagues of Macau Artist Society initiated contact with the painting friends or peer all over China, and promoting the flow of painting talent in the name of art of painting. Its aim is showing prosperous and beautiful Macao. It always keeps learning from each other all over China, and making mutual progress and development of painting art.

Author Lok Pó
Translation: C&C - Translation Centre, Ltd.

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Dados Técnicos/Technical Data
Valor dos Selos/Stamps Value: stamps of 1.50, 2.50, 3.50 and 4.00 Patacas
Folha Miniatura com quatro séries/Minisheet with four sets
Valor do Bloco/Souvenir Sheet Value: 10.00 Patacas
Desenho/Design: Lok Cheong (Adapt. Lok Chong)
Data emissão/Issue date: 21.09.2012
Impressor/Printer: Cartor Security Printing, France
Impressão/Print: Offset Lithography
Papel/Paper: Paper with Security Fibers
Picotagem/Perforation: 13 x 13¼

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